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There is a huge number of Yes-related sites on the net - too many to even locate, let alone feature here. But I'll try to list the most important ones - if anyone has any more worth noting, then let me know. There are also other links scattered around the site which aren't reproduced below.


- Check here at Forgotten Yesterdays - as well as at

THE MAIN SITESThe official site of Yes

- YesWorld The Yes Online Service - the band's official site.
Notes From the Edge - with lots of interviews and other interesting things.
Yeshoo! - Your Guide to Yes Sites on the Internet - as it says.
YesServices - Providing Information Services To Yes Fans Worldwide - as it says;
- YesServices - Like Leaves We Touch - Home Page - for fans travelling to attend concerts.


- Jon Anderson Online
- Chris Squire Home Page
- Steve Howe Guitar Rondo
- RWCC Rick Wakeman's Communications Centre
- Alan White


- Roger Dean Welcome - the artist most closely associated with Yes;
- - the San Francisco Art Exchange - home to many Dean pictures;
- - devoted to Dean's works at the SFAE.San Francisco Art Exchange - with "Yes"print

RECENT ONLINE INTERVIEWS - there lots of interviews here at "Notes From The Edge"
STEVE_HOWE_YES_FEATURE - an interesting interview with Steve Howe - a nice interview with Alan White - Rick Wakeman - the BBC interviews Roger Dean - finally, some interesting views from Trevor Rabin


- Apple - Creative - Jon Anderson New Solo Project - Jon Anderson's Apple computer work;
Welcome to - about the ex-Yes (1996-2000) keyboard player;
Adam Wakeman Main Page - about Rick's keyboard-playing son;
Jade Anderson - Jon's singing daughter and her musical career;
- Changes - Listen To Changes Radio - a half-hour RealAudio interview with Jon about spirituality;
- - Yes - lots more short song samples in RealAudio;
Fragile - the UK's Yes tribute band - the most well-known Yes "tribute" band;
aslanhome - about Aslan, a Japanese tribute band (it has some sound samples);
YES - Anthology - in case there's something good there.

FAN FORUMSCyberian Khatru - the 2CD set

- (newsgroup) - the most active place on the net to meet and talk about Yes;
- - info site for the 2CD set (I have 2 tracks on it);
- - order the CD from here;
- - a chat site organised into a variety of subjects;
- - another forum for fans to meet and talk;
- - and another one;
Yahoo! Groups YesSwap - I haven't joined this, so can't comment.


- - some miscellaneous things of interest to Yes fans;
Welcome to YesFocus - a site for Dutch fans of the band;
The Guitarist's Complete Guide to YES - a collection of tablature files for guitarists and bassists;
Yes Music - more tablature and MIDI files for guitarists and bassists.
YESTOUR SETLISTS - as it says';
Yesman's Museum of Yes;
The Sound Chaser's Web Page;
Trey's Yes Page;
YesLogos Home Page.Redeye Records logo


- Red Eye Records - a great Sydney shop for imported and local merchandise;
Utopia Records - another great Sydney shop - with many collector's items;


Check the F. A. Q. & Rarities page. But I'm not really in the habit of recording, collecting or trading shows - the practice is of questionable legality and should be discouraged. The stuff is "out there" however (for the moment) - if you know where to look.

- artwork - bootleg artwork links - for those manic traders.


My main web-site has an entire section devoted to Australia and Sydney - with links, information and an assortment of extras. You can find it at Here are some more links:

- aerials - some great aerial pictures of Sydney (particularly the central business district and harbour);
- - the official City of Sydney site;
- - the "Virtual Tourist" guide to Australia.

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