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- NO NEW AUSTRALIAN TOUR TILL MID-2005: A tentative November/December tour hit the skids in July/August, amidst health concerns and personal falling-outs. Plans are now for the band to rest and recuperate, maybe (just maybe) with a view to making a new album. In the meantime, a live DVD - "Songs From Tsongas" - is being released world-wide.

- THE CURRENT SCOPE OF ANY NEW TOUR: What was planned - 3 Sydney shows, 2 Melbourne shows, plus a few tentative shows elsewhere (Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, New Zealand?). For Sydney, a smaller venue than the Entertainment Centre will be considered - possibly the State Theatre (though a "one-off" concert at the Opera House is also on the wish-list).

- THE CONTENT OF THE NEXT TOUR: Following on from the 2004 European and American tours, the show will be substantially different from the "Fragile Revisited" theme of 2003. There are songs from the band's whole career, with an acoustic mini-set midway plus a spectacular Roger Dean-designed stage (check here for photos and details).

- ALAN WHITE MAY STILL TURN UP HERE SOON FOR A DRUM CLINIC: This would be in Sydney and/or Melbourne, maybe with one or two other places. Keep a look out for further details.


- THE YESFANZ 2004 CHRISTMAS PARTY IS COMING UP: Check the site for details. I'll see "you" there.

- YESFANZ is practically "chomping at the bit" to start organising festivals and other activities in support any future tour. Check the site - and my YESFANZ page on this site - for more information. In the meantime, readers are welcome to (or show their support) for the cause.

- What was originally planned for 2004: At first, there was talk of a "triple-bill": Yes, Jethro Tull and The Moody Blues. I have yet to meet anyone who likes/liked this idea - maybe Focus and King Crimson, then...

- A 'presentation'/gift to the band was made on 19 September 2004, on the evening of an American concert. This was to mark the first anniversary of the Melbourne concert, and help garnish enthusiasm for the "next" Australian tour. TIt went well - but whether it will pay off...

- YESFANZ started meeting again in March 2004, in anticipation of a new tour.
There have been some breaks in that time, while Robert Forbes and other members travelled overseas to see/meet the band and Roger Dean in England/Europe. With thetour now "off", plans are... plans.

- YESFANZ became incorporated in early 2004. This was done to assist with running the financial side of its operations. Membership confirmation and other activities are currently being organised.

- A "progressive rock festival" is/was tentatively planned for March 2005, with (YESFANZ head) Robert Forbes and (Sebastian Hardie frontman) Mario Millo on the steering committee.  Unfortunately delays with announcing the 2004 Yes tour have thrown doubts on the viability of this. This is a shame - as some big names were on the cards: Sebastian Hardie, King Crimson, Focus, one or more Yes members in solo-performance, plus lesser-known acts.

Check the F.A.Q. page for more background information about about YESFANZ - and the Sydney Concert page for photos and a report from the Sydney festival.


- I've more or less "moved into" this web-site - since I stopped updating my other ones (check my personal page for details of these). There was no point trying to maintain  multiple presences on the net. But I've still got a host of side-projects going (I'll provide more details as they are finalised).

- blocked access to all the RealAudio and RealVideo files that were on here previously. This is a shame - since they added much to appreciation of Yes, Sebastian Hardie and myself (though I still have the files, and can email them). I may take the site "elsewhere", if this sort of interference continues (any free-hosting offers out there?).

- A total revision of this site has been on the cards for some time.
Unfortunately the lack of details about the 2004 tour has delayed this process - and "interference" with the site contents (see above) made it difficult for me to continue. Hopefully, the August/September 2004 update should take care of this, until further developments arise.

- I've now started working with "proper" video - look forward to some home-produced DVDs in the near future. Basically I just got tired of making CDs - and the adoption of new learning-curves (for making videos - and DVD-production) is essential for my interest in guitar-playing to continue. Whether I'll play any more concerts - as part of my YESFANZ activities or otherwise - remains to be seen. the March and September tour posters


With the postponement from March until September 2003, tour changed from the being the "Full Circle" to the "35th Anniversary".

- Yes, their management and Roger Dean are ecstatic about the support YESFANZ gave them for the 2003 tour. More than anything else - particularly the lukewarm press coverage - we helped "make" the tour and re-establish Yes as a musical force in Australia. But I wonder how much we can achieve this time around, given the short notice before any confirmed concerts.

- PROFESSIONAL PHOTOS: Concert photos from the 2003 Melbourne and Sydney Yes concerts are available for sale from "Imagewide" - check or ring (tel. (02) 9369-2031). These are probably the best-quality pictures available. CD-ROMs of pictures taken by various people are floating around - while videos of various events (not the concerts) were also taken, for future release.

- YESFANZ REUNION (SYDNEY): A reunion took place on Sunday 9 November 2003 at the Roxbury Hotel, Glebe. Check the YESFANZ page for details, photos and details of my guitar performance there.  CDs of my performance are also available, recorded by myself - a mini-CD (of most of the first, Yes-only set) is in circulation within the band.

- ROGER DEAN EXHIBITION: The exhibition was extended to Sunday 16 November 2003. Overall, the exhibition was an outstanding success. Some of my photos from the official opening (attended by Roger, most of Yes and members of Sebastian Hardie) are located here;

- AUDIENCE RECORDINGS: CDs from the tour have surfaced. I don't encourage this sort of thing - especially with the possibility of an official release of the Sydney concert through But if someone is desperate for a recording, they can email me - or try hunting through internet, personally.

- SEBASTIAN HARDIE CONCERTS: Further concerts by Sebastian Hardie are planned. Venues and dates are, as yet, unknown. A live DVD featuring both the Mario Millo Band and Sebastian Hardie (most of which was recorded in Sydney in March, 2003) is due to be released some time in the future - as is a new Sebastian Hardie album.


Roger travelled to Australia for exhibition of his work in Sydney at the GIG gallery - - and for both the Sydney and Melbourne concerts/festivals. The Sydney exhibition of his work ran from 16 September - 12 October 2003 at the GIG Gallery in Glebe. Check The Sunday events page for a report and photos from the exhibition launch - and the Roger Dean Lecture page for a wealth of background material about Roger and his work.

2003 TOUR POSTPONEMENT (from March to September)

On January 27, 2003 announced the postponement of the Australian tour from 28 February (Melbourne) and 1 March 2003 (Sydney) to:

- Friday September 19, Vodafone Arena, Melbourne; andVodaphone Arena, Melbourne
- Saturday September 20,
Sydney Entertainment Centre.

This was due to a back injury sustained by singer Jon Anderson over the Christmas 2002 period. The festivals were likewise postponed - as was the exhibition of artworks by Roger Dean. It then became clear that a number of fans had purchased non-refundable airfares, made accommodation plans, etc. - and this was equally true for those planning to attend the festivals run by

YESFANZ held "compensatory" functions for these people - and, as a gesture of solidarity, for anyone wishing to attend. The Sydney meeting was at the Toxteth Hotel, Glebe on 1 March 2003 - with drinks, food and a showing of some Yes DVDs. It was a good night, with fans from around the country turning up.

THE PERTH CONCERT: This was announced following the cancellation of the Djakarta concert in Indonesia. "Terrorists" had bombed the hotel that Yes had been planning to stay at (though this was obviously not their intention). Even so, fans around the world were relieved about the cancellation - as the potential for problems in this politically-sensitive area would always be present.


As of August 2003, the support act for the Yes tour officially became "Sebastian Hardie" - check The Sebastian Hardie page for background information - plus an interview, pictures and links.

I narrowly avoided becoming the site-master for the official Sebastian Hardie web-site - but check it out, as it currently is, through (click the Sebastian Hardie logo). The support bill wasn't without incident - check the Sebastian Hardie page for more information.


Clicking on the Ticketek logo allowed people to buy tickets for the Sydney show

Ticket prices (for Sydney) were: (*** plus minimum $ 7.50 booking fee):How the tickets were ordered...

AU $ 144.60* Category 1: Premium - Floor Seating
AU $ 144.60* Category 2: Premium - First Elevation Seating
AU $ . .n/a^ ..Category 3: Premium - Obstructed View Seating (^not available via web)
AU $ 89.40*. Category 4: A Reserve - Second Elevation Seating

The $ 144.60 equals roughly US $ 80.00 - which is equivalent to many current US prices.


Officially, Yes made one "public appearance" - at a record and book-signing session at Borders Bookstore in Sydney (in the Pitt Street Mall) from 1:00 pm to about 4:00 pm on Sunday 21 September. Unofficially, the band also made an appearance at:

- the Melbourne YESFANZ festival;
- a "YESFANZ-only" meeting after the Sydney show (see
The Sydney Concert page for a report and pictures); and
- the official opening of the Roger Dean exhibition (check The Sunday Events page for a report and photos of this).


- YESFANZ ran-up up two batches of T-shirts for the tour. At right is the earlier (black) design. A newly designed T-shirt (in white) is still available (at right is an earlier design, in black) - check for more details.

- I have a limited supply of both the March and September tour posters (see the pictures above), plus some stickers promoting the "In a Word" box-set, and printed flyers for the YESFANZ festivals and Roger Dean Exhibition. People can email me if they want some.


As Australian fans will know, it has been difficult to find Yes-based releases in the local music stores - other than on import (at considerably higher prices). Luckily that situation is changing - various DVDs and DVD-Audio discs have had local release and are available online through Check the Links & Comments page for some local stores where these - and other Yes releases - can be bought.

Check the F.A.Q. page for details - and my opinions - of the various DVD and video releases. Also note that the "classic" albums are being remastered and released - with bonus tracks added - through Rhino Records (all albums up to "Going For The One" have been released this way overseas). "Fragile" and "Magnification" are also available in DVD-A versions (with surround sound).

Here is a good link - it's mostly in Japanese, but a quick way to find what's on the remasters:

EARLY 2003 TOUR LINKS'to be over'

- - the festival to accompany the Australian tour;
- - Michael Chugg Entertainment - the Australian promoter;
- - tickets are available from here;
- - a site about the Vodafone Arena, Melbourne.
- - the Sydney Entertainment Centre and how to get there;
- - YesWorld's official notice about the tour;
- - another official page about the tour.


The tour attracted at least some publicity. Here is what took place before the postponed March tour:

- Here is a scan of the a feature from the 3 December 2002 edition of "The Drum Media", instigated (in part) by me;
- Jon Anderson/Yes got 20 minutes on local Sydney radio station 702 on 4 December 2002, on Angela Catterns' morning show - listen to the 8:30 of talk (through RealAudio) at
Here is a black & white scan of a feature about the tour from Sydney's "Daily Telegraph" on 12 December, 2002.
- Jon and Rick were interviewed by Richard Wilkins on
the "Today" program - 31 December 2002.
Here's part of an article on "aging rock stars visiting Australia" in 2003 - "Weekend Telegraph" of 11-12 January, 2003.
"Australian Guitar" magazine mentioned the tour using (uncredited) wording from this site.
- A 50 minute special -
"Yes TV" - was aired on Melbourne/Sydney television Channel 9, on 28 January 2003.


Favourable mention of Yes and the tour had already been made by some press/media quarters - see the above for example - but the Sydney Morning Herald was holding out. So I (politely) badgered by email - to give some coverage to the tour.

In the end, what we got was a short, flippant and somewhat predictable mention of Yes' excesses at the height of the "Tales" period (and Rick's infamous 'curry' incident prior to departing in 1974) - mentioned in a "History of Pop Music"type article.

A review appeared in the paper after the concert (it starts off well, but ends up a little confused) - here is an on-site scan of the review, and here is a link the online version.


- Forgotten Yesterdays ("Full Circle Tour" page) - the place to check audience opinions about Yes tours/concerts.
- - another popular forum for discussing Yes-related matters.
- Sydney Morning Herald article - a Sydney Morning Herald article about the tour postponement.
- The Age article - The Age article about the postponement (just included for historical context).
- - an article about Yes meeting their fans in Australia
- - a local (Australian) internet-magazine interview with Jon
- - article: 'Yes to attend Roger Dean exhibition in Sydney'
- - another mention of the Roger Dean exhibition
- - article (in Indonesian) about the Djakarta cancellation
- - article announcing the Perth concert
- - another article announcing the Perth concert
- Yes In The Press - a good site for finding (and contributing to) articles about Yes in the popular press.

Readers can contact me if they hear of anything new promotional material worth reporting - or even duplicating here.


Catch the latest news at

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