The 2003 Sunday Events



In some ways, Sunday was as exciting and busy as the day of the concert - for myself, other YESFANZ and maybe even Yes, themselves. Including the (early morning) Four Seasons Hotel appearance the previous night, this made for 3 public appearances in 24 hours! I'm minded to apologise to anyone who missed out on these activities - I certainly told everyone that I could about them beforehand.


Yes - minus Alan White (who had family commitments) - did a record/book signing session at Borders Bookstore, Sydney from 1:00 pm on Sunday 21 September 2003. It was scheduled to finish at 3:00 pm, but there were so many people (the queue was several hundred long), that it went well past 3:30. After a while, Roger Dean turned up as well.

Yes signing-session @ Borders bookstore#1 My signed YESFANZ-flyer & Tales remaster Jon and Rick inspect my "AvS plays Yes" CD.

Unfortunately I had transport problems and showed up a half hour later than expected. The queue was massive - and handled somewhat chaotically - but I persevered, chatting to several folk along the way. I got my YESFANZ festival flyer and remastered "Tales" CD signed by the band (I caught up with Alan at the GIG-Gallery later).

First, I asked Jon whether I could give him a CD. He said "sure" - so I gave him a copy of my latest solo-guitar CD: "Alex van Starrex plays Yes". I'd recorded the music 3 days earlier - on the day before Yes arrived in Australia.


The GIG Gallery exhibition opening was scheduled to open at the same time as the Borders signing - but at least it went on (in far more comfortable and stimulating surroundings) until 9:00 pm. Roger Dean was in attendance for the whole time I was there (I left around 7:30pm), Steve made a short appearance (as usual?), Rick stayed the longest of the band-members, Chris made a reasonable (and sober) showing - while Alan eventually turned up with his wife late in the evening. Sebastian Hardie (minus Toivo Pilt) attended from mid-evening.

Steve & Roger @ The GIG Gallery Original 'Yessongs' inside-cover painting @ The GIG Gallery 'Arches 1 (Morning)' print @ The GIG Gallery
Detail of Roger Dean painting @ The GIG Gallery Rick & Roger @ The GIG Gallery Original Roger Dean sketch @ The GIG Gallery
Rick playing piano @ The GIG Gallery A Roger Dean painting @ The GIG Gallery Chris signing memorabilia @ The GIG Gallery
Original '35 Years' painting @ The GIG Gallery Roger & Chris @ The GIG Gallery The GIG Gallery: from over the road
Alan & Roger @ The GIG Gallery My signed 2004 Roger Dean calendar Roger & Alan @ The GIG Gallery

The highlight of the opening (as opposed to the artworks, themselves) was Rick's performance on a grand piano at the rear of the gallery - playing versions of "And You And I", "The Meeting", "The Six Wives of Henry VIII" and "Wonderous Stories". All the band members in attendance took a lot of time to talk to Roger Dean while investigating the gallery contents. The artwork sold briskly, but I only felt game to invest in a signed 2004 Roger Dean calendar.

For more Roger Dean content, check the YESFANZ page and my report on the Roger Dean Lecture at Glebe Town Hall the following Thursday.

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